I carefully crawled into the tent, and zipped it back behind me, not wanting the various bugs and other nighttime critters to get in.

I looked down at my husband, who looked about ready to fall asleep. When we are camping he can fall asleep almost at the drop of a hat. He likes to sleep outdoors, and loves the quiet away from the big city.

I crawled over him and smiled down at him. He looked back up at me, and we just enjoyed the dim images of one another as the sun sank below the hills. I told him I loved him, and he answered with kind and affectionate words of his own in that soft, relaxed and feathery voice he always has when he’s finally unwinding, and enjoying himself again.

Gorgeous Red Microfiber Tie Front Top And SkirtWhat he didn’t know was that I had ordered some new Lingerie before going away for the holidays.

The Microfiber Top And Skirt had arrived about a week before the holidays and being a hot little red number I thought it would be perfect to be my Santa outfit for Xmas.

I straddled his hips, my hair dangling down past my face as I looked into his eyes and smiled.  I rubbed his shoulders softly, and he closed his eyes, just letting himself enjoy it. Finally, he put his hands on my arms, causing me to stop, and he rolled me on to my back. I gazed up at him with my jade eyes, he leaned in slowly, silently and kissed me. This was the reason I loved to come with him camping, where a lot of girls would not. When my man gets relaxed out in the forest, he gets romantic, and I always want to be there when he does.

Slowly, with long, languid strokes of deep and promising tenderness, his tongue slipped into my mouth, and touched tentatively against my own, pulling a positive sound from me, as I let him know I was not about to stop him. His warm, strong form pressed me into the bottom of the tent, which, plastic canvas, crinkled. I shifted under him, as he turned his head a bit, to allow himself to kiss deeper, with growing passion. There was no doubt in my mind, by the way he kissed me, that he was just as in love with me now as he was on our first camping holiday away.

I felt one of his strong hands working up the length of flank as he gently stroked the sheer microfiber outfit. He deftly undid the knot on the top before pulling the top open, revealing my ample and creamy white breasts, pink nipples hardening with interest as he gazed at me, and then looked back into my eyes with anxiousness and adoration.

I reached down and undid the button to his khaki shorts, and he wriggled his hips, letting them slide down with some effort, as I unbuttoned his shirt carefully. The little skirt was not leaving anything to his imagination and I could feel all of him through the red crotchless lace panties I had bought to complete the outfit.

Needless to say you will have to use your imagination about what happened next but I am very pleased with the effect my new outfit had on hubby.